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T-72M1R - Upgraded T-72M/M1 for Polish Army

T-72M1R - Upgraded T-72M/M1 for Polish Army

“BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” facility overhauling and modifing T-72 main battle tanks to the Polish military. The process results on the grounds of the agreement concluded in July of 2019, valued at PLN 1.75 billion. PGZ S.A. is leading a consortium working on that order, also involving the “BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” S.A. facility and WZM S.A. facility as well. Scope of work covered by the agreement envisages recovery of capabilities and introduction of upgrades in case of the T-72M1 main battle tanks that remain and are reintrodunced into the inventory of the Polish military.

The T-72M1R is the minimalist result of a long standing program to upgrade the fleet. The most visible upgrade is the PCO KLW-1 Asteria thermal camera which is installed right in front of the gunner’s hatch, in a similar position to the Sosna-U on the Russian T-72B3. The viewer for this sight is just to the left of the older TPD-K1 sighting device. The upgraded tank is also integrated into the Polish BMS system, sporting a large multifunction display for the commander to communicate on. New intercoms and night vision devices for the commander and driver are also present in the T-72M1R

Commander's compartment, white display provide the image from gunners thermal sight, green display is for BMS (Battle Management Systems)

Gunner compartment


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